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Severin Safari Camp

Be one with Kenya’s incredible nature, witness the amazing tropical sunset and sun rise, hear the sounds of the wilderness – Severin Safari Camp offers it all. As an extension of the Severin Sea Lodge, we have created a spot for you in the middle of the wilderness of Tsavo West National Park, which reflects our deep connection with the countryside like nothing else.

Our generous, octagon tents create a feeling of African life with their traditional furnishings and provide a private place for you to find peace when you return from your game drives. From your tent, you can enjoy the view of the grandiose African landscape and wild animals that pass by the water hole unhindered by day and night. Maasai warriors provide safety around the clock and further bridge the harmony at Severin Safari Camp between humanity and nature. Experience the pure Africa and become part of a world that is remarkable and fascinating like no other.

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Learn more about our Severin Safari Camp: www.severinsafaricamp.com