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Severin Training Center

An innovative technology and training centre is being built on the premises of Severin Sea Lodge in Mombasa, Kenya. In addition to a vocational training centre for young Kenyans, a "green building" is also in the making, which is designed to achieve the implementation of renewable energy sources via photovoltaics and solar heating to generate drinking water and hot water.

The Severin Training Centre comprises five training workshop facilities for technical and artisanal professions. The concept is less about imparting theoretical knowledge and instead focuses more on technical and artisanal skills that have immediate added value for the participants. For this reason training modules for electricians, plumbers and steel workers are to be made available. The course line-up also offers training for bricklayers and joiners. Given that there is a high demand for technical and artisanal skills, students will not have any difficulty in finding work in the region or operating their own craftsman's business once they have graduated from their courses.

The second training sector is designed to facilitate contemporary concepts in courses for the hotel and catering industry. Qualifications in the professions of chef, restaurant staff, housekeeping and front office management are particularly on offer. An additional building with training rooms and student accommodation is being developed for this.

Qualified teachers trained to German vocational training standards will be deployed as local training staff. The practical courses will be facilitated in collaboration with local craftsman's businesses and hotels. Target groups for the courses are certificate holders of the Kenyan secondary education system with a proven interest in work involving the technical and artisanal or catering professions. Likewise, provision is also being made for offering semi-skilled workers in these professions further training.

The site boasts a "green building" designed to produce drinking water via a desalination plant operated with photovoltaics. The local population is set to benefit from this via a type of "water kiosk" concept through which the people can purchase drinking water affordably. A modern solar thermal plant is also being developed, which shall generate enough hot water to satisfy the Severin Sea Lodge's requirements going forward.

Together with the sewage treatment facility that is already in existence, Severin Sea Lodge now belongs to the most environmentally friendly hotel operations in Kenya.

For more information please have a look here: www.severintrainingcenter.com